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How Did His Wish Come True


Our SVT Raptor named as one of the most “outrageous rides” at SEMA by MSN Auto.


LLUMAR interviews with Jeff Shardell at SEMA 2012.


Viper Tours F-150 Raptor wins “Hottest Truck” award, 2011 SEMA Show.


LINE-X Coated Ford F-150 SVT Raptor of Discovery Channel’s Storm Chasers Wins “Hottest Truck” Award at 2011 SEMA Show.


Daily Finance: Line-X Coated F150 SVT Ford Raptor of Discovery Channels Storm Chasers Wins Hottest Truck at 2011 SEMA Show.


A wish is a simple concept, but a wish experience transforms a dream into a life-changing event. We are extremely grateful for the unbelievably exciting storm chasing experience that Viper Tours, Reed Timmer and the entire team provided to Wish Kid Nick. He is extraordinary and a famous meteorologist in the making.
Diane KuppermannPresident and CEOMake-A-Wish Central New York
We experienced a trip of a lifetime with Viper Tours in June 2012!  Dustin and Jeff gave us the opportunity for six days to live the life of a tornado chaser.  From the time we were picked up at the airport in Colorado, to 11 states later in New Mexico, we were able to chase many storms each day. We tracked two tornadoes, and a massive hailstorm!  In addition to storm chasing each day we stayed in some great historic hotels, enjoyed excellent restaurants, and toured historic landmarks.  They were very professional in tracking the weather and putting us in the eye of a storm each day.  We felt comfortable and safe in our storm chasing vehicle, a customized Ford Raptor.  We made great memories on our trip, but also made two great new friends!  We would highly recommend Viper Tours to anyone looking for the thrilling trip of a lifetime!
Chris & Brooke HandNorth Florida2012
I recently had the privilege of planning one of my best friend’s bachelor parties. We wanted to do something incredible and unforgettable, and what better way to do that than to chase tornadoes! I researched many companies and sites offering tornado “tours,” but I was really looking for something more exclusive and extraordinary. I didn’t want the “standard” tour, with a large group in a van or a bus. Then I stumbled across Dustin and Jeff’s company. After talking to a few people associated with the company, I knew this was the right trip for us. They seemed as excited as I was to give us the adventure of a lifetime. They were more than accommodating in our pre-trip planning, and they really made it very easy for us. Words can’t describe how great a time my friends and I had once we were with the team. The truck was one of the coolest vehicles I’ve ever been in; high-tech, rugged, and spotless. Dustin and Jeff truly made us feel like part of the team, and after only hours I felt like we had all been friends for years. The personal attention that we received throughout the entire trip was remarkable.

To top it all off, they put us face-to-face with some of the most spectacular sites I have ever seen. Driving fast down a dirt-road, heading straight toward a near-black wall cloud, with lightning crashing all around, is a feeling that can’t be described. Only to be out done by witnessing the raw power of a tornado, tearing through an open field. As thrilling, and adrenaline-pumping as it all was, I never once felt unsafe. My friends and I will most certainly be back, and there is no other team that I would rather go out with. The trip with Dustin and Jeff wasn’t just a tour, it was a mind-blowing experience.
Thanks Jeff and Dustin!

Mike SnyderNew Hampshire2012
If you are looking for a good time…call Viper Tours – these guys really know how to take care of you.  Our guides, Dustin and Jeff, were extremely professional from beginning to end – even in the middle of a tornado!  Every morning Dustin, a trained EMT, was up before everyone making sure the truck and equipment were prepared.  He even made sure to pack a wide variety of his homemade gourmet sandwiches, which was a welcome treat on the road (10 times better than some of the food you find in storm chasing country).  Our forecaster, Jeff, was very informative, and kindly walked us through what we were seeing as we chased.  Even though I was a little worried about chasing, Jeff’s level-headedness made me feel much more at ease.  Overall, our guides, the personalized experience, and the amazing ride we got to chase in made this trip one that I will never forget!
I’m not sure what I was expecting going to chase tornados since I’ve been around severe weather my whole life but I was blown away by the experience I had. It is truly the most unique adventure I have ever been on and one I will never forget due to the guys at Viper tours Dustin Feldman and Jeff Shardell. I know there are other tour groups out there but I doubt you will receive the undivided attention experienced with Viper tours. Sure it’s amazing getting to experience a tornado (which I did) but the journey getting there is what it was all about for me. These guys made it fun and informational, they never missed a beat. What tour can you go on where you get to experience the weather at its most impressive while being feed gourmet sandwiches and riding around in the coolest vehicle…. Viper tours! These guys should be on your bucket list. I will be back with my goggles and helmet ready!
Viper Tours is the pulse of tornado alley!
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