The Adventure


Our guests will have the unparalleled thrill of getting up close and personal with a tornado and capturing spectacular photos and video that will last a lifetime. It is important to note that Viper Tours are “on call only”, which means we only organize tours around specific weather occurences, meaning you will not be disappointed with a non-event.

Of course, our professionals also take the greatest care to assure the greatest levels of safety are organized around each experience. At night, VT guides will coordinate comfortable lodging, joining guests for dinner to debrief the chase, share photos and video captured during the chase, and discuss the weather forecasting models for the following day.

Most importantly, a Viper Tours experience will likely send you back to your everyday life with an entirely new outlook and an increased awareness of our place in the natural order of things.


• Included costs – Our all-inclusive tours cover everything from lodging to transportation to meals, snacks and non-alcoholic drinks. And unlike so much other adventure travel, the Viper team takes the care to insure high quality lodging and food.

• Duration – 4 nights / 5 days. Our “on-call only” tours are designed around an extreme weather event that will almost surely allow our clients to experience a real tornado. An experienced field guide will be on hand for operational briefing while in route to the target location.

• Gear: What to bring – Though much time is spent in the comfort and security of our customized vehicles, guests should come prepared with clothing and gear suited to rapidly changing weather conditions. All clothing should be comfortable, fast drying and breathable. Guests are allowed one medium sized carry on plus a backpack or handbag. All luggage will be packed in weather resistant bags.

• Viper Tours strives to create a total experience, coordinating such fun and interesting between-storm activities such as rafting, biking, hiking and historical exploration.

• Electronics – Plan to bring your favorite portable audio and video devices for between-event entertainment. They can be recharged in the vehicles.

• Viper Tours participants will be sent home with a special goodie bag as a souvenir of the experience.

• Please note that because of size restrictions we limit baggage to one medium sized carry on and a backpack or purse. All bags are packed in heavy-duty dry bags that are stored on the exterior basket of the vehicle, every day, rain or shine.

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