• Dustin Feldman

  • Jeff Shardell

  • Micah Adams

Viper Tours Team

Viper Tours is proud to have the best team available to keep you safe and happy on your extreme chase!

The Viper Tours expert team boasts more than 9 years combined experience in the world of outdoor adventures! From white-water rafting to Baja-style race truck fabrication to extreme meteorology, and even fire-fighting, our collective backgrounds are utterly unparalleled in the realm of adventure travel; we have all taken on challenges and risks that decisively elevate the human spirit and consciousness. But above all, we are adventurers, and are driven to share our life-long passions for life changing experiences and greater and more meaningful connectivity with our natural surroundings.

Dustin Feldman
Co-founder of Viper Tours, Lead Driver/Guide VT North America, VT Business Development Team
Captivated by his hero Jacques Cousteau, a young Dustin dreamed of adventure, mystery and the uncharted path; and like his hero, he wanted to explore the world and share his findings with others. Dustin’s passions lead him to Kimana Wildlife Sanctuary in Southeast Nairobi, Kenya to study wildlife management, and then to the Lincoln Park Zoo, Chicago, as a keeper in the small mammal reptile house. A Northwestern graduate, he has also been a Harbor Master, a Rescue boat driver, a volunteer firefighter and wilderness EMT in New Mexico (where he was awarded a FEMA grant). But it was his stints as medic and field coordinator on the Discovery Channel’s Storm Chasers and operations coordinator for TVNweather.com (formally TornadoVideos.Net) that led him to coordinate the first Argentina tornado chasing expedition for extreme meteorologist Reed Timmer. His journey continues as one of the principles of Viper Tours.

Dustin was also awarded a certificate of commendation by the department of Public Safety in Glencoe, Illinois for saving the life of an officer.

Jeff Shardell
Co-founder of Viper Tours, Lead Forcaster, VT Business Development Team
While Jeff’s “day jobs” have been senior business management positions at numerous technology companies (Google, Netscape and AOL to name a few), his real passion has been the pursuit of the most dynamic weather the world can dish up! He spent his early years growing up in Florida and was always that crazy (some say stupid) kid who ran outside to watch the thunderstorms roll in while others were taking shelter. In undergrad, he studied meteorology and even though he transitioned to business, his excitement for extreme weather has never left him and has taken him from severe storms in the Central Plains, to hurricanes in the Gulf to 8 foot blizzards in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Even though Jeff lives in California, during storm season he can be found in the heart of tornado alley and is our head navigator and forecaster. He wants nothing more than to get himself and you up close and personal with a tornado!


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